Boat of the Year Runner-Ups

The judges give their two cents on the rest of the BOTY fleet. A feature in our January/February 2010 issue

January 27, 2010

368 Eko BOTY

Walter Cooper

Here’s what the judges had to say about the other nominees. Look for reviews of some of these boats in future issues of SW.

Corsair Dash 750
Great construction, fast and fun to sail, but it’s essentially a Corsair Sprint 750 with more interior.

Eko 6.50
An $84K entry to Mini racing scene. A great, solid, and technical boat for hard-core soloists.


Super high-tech build and design with top-shelf hardware; fun to sail, but price ($64K) could inhibit U.S. one-design growth, and it may struggle in light-air PHRF fleets.

Landing School 30
Great daysailing concept from the Landing School, but its high-wind test exposed shortcomings in the sailplan.

Mini-style offering (but not Mini class legal); simple sail-handling systems, but presented unfinished.


Morris M29
Bristol-quality, classic-style daysailor, ideal for a casual club fleet.

Rustler 24
Remade 1960s one-design (Piper 24), well built and fun to sail, but not a new design.

Sensei 9M
Custom-quality construction and great daysailing attributes (lounge space and roomy belowdecks), smooth helm, but there’s excessive friction in the control systems and no easy spinnaker launch and retrieval system for shorthanded sailing.


Topaz Race X
A rugged and quick little rotomolded dinghy with a versatile sail plan (main, jib, or kite to suit the user). Easy setup, great price, and high youth appeal.

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