Boat of the Year 2013

From 15 new designs, Sailing World's Boat of the Year judges distinguish six boats ready to take on the racecourse in 2013.

Sailing World's annual Boat of the Year rules are simple: An entry must be a new design, and it must be presented, rigged, and ready for sailing, on the Chesapeake Bay, off Annapolis, Md., in October. An independent team of judges evaluates each entry against three criteria: design purpose, construction quality, and most importantly, how well it sails. The 2013 judging panel—sailmaker Chuck Allen, naval architect Greg Stewart, and boatbuilder Tom Rich—tested 15 new boats over the course of a week, in whatever conditions came to pass. This year we've got a bumper crop of winners, a good indication of the vitality of the sport and ingenuity of designers and builders.

Watch a video of all our nominees below, and see our Facebook page for the announcements. Find the official press release here.