VOR: Crew Changes In Sydney

Tony Rey of Newport, R.I., joins SEB

A number of beaten Volvo crews are enjoying a few well-deserved days off in Sydney while shore crews ready the boats for the Dec. 26 start of Leg 4 from Sydney to Auckland, via Hobart, Tasmania. As is usual during stopovers, a number of crew-change announcements have surfaced. The latest came from Gurra Krantz’s Team SEB, which today announced that David Rolfe of New Zealand, one of the team’s helmsmen/trimmers, was leaving the boat for personal reasons and would be replaced by Tony Rey of Newport, R.I. "My situation in the team has not developed in a comfortable way for me," said Rolfe, "and therefore, I’ve decided to leave."

Also on his way out is Rodney Keenan of New Zealand who will be replaced by countryman Sean Clarkson. Clarkson has done two Whitbreads, one with New Zealand Endeavour in 1993-’94 and another in 1997-’98 with Toshiba.