The Slightly Delayed Monday Morning Digest

News and information from the week gone by and the weeks ahead

The International Snipe Class has built it's 30,000th boat. The Snipe was designed in 1931 and published in Rudder Magazine by the designer of the Snipe, Bill Crosby. There are currently 861 Snipe fleets in 26 countries.

If you didn’t manage to make it down to St. Maarten for the Heineken regatta this year, check out for some great action shots by Tim Wright, who managed to get a scary shot of two boats just as they collided. Look carefully and you’ll see a completely airborne bowman. Luckily, he was recovered uninjured and now has photographic evidence for his latest "No kidding, there I was" story.

Anyone that saw the damage done to Tom Hill’s sled Titan XI during Key West Race Week must have been surprised to see the boat sailing and placing second behind Roy Disney’s Pyewacket at the Heineken regatta. Fast repairs arranged by skipper John Spangos and a ship ride down to the islands allowed Titan XI to get to St. Maarten in time for the event and the rest of the CORT series.

The Bruce Nelson-designed Idler, an IMS 50 built for Admiral’s Cup 1999, was a dominant force in the 4-boat IMS 50 class at the 2002 SORC, winning nine out of nine races. "We had a better-prepared boat sailed by a team that’s been together a long time, and it shows" said Ken Read, Idler’s tactician for the regatta. "Conditions were difficult but George David (Idler’s owner and helmsman) has come a long way and drives the boat well when it’s tough." Uarshek II placed second in the class after a fierce battle with Javelin, the former Breeze, another Admiral’s cupper from 1999.

Far from being discouraged, the other three IMS 50s understand that they are relatively new programs and are ramping up well. Their revenge could come soon as they are plotting a full schedule of races against Idler in the spring and summer. They’ll next meet in the Spring in Long Island Sound for the American YC Spring series and might be joined by Larry Dickey’s new Ptarmigan, the former Virago, and a long-time nemesis of Idler’s.

While you’re online checking out the Volvo race, don’t forget to monitor Bruno Peyron and the crew of Orange as they continue around the world at high rates of speed. As of Sunday, they were past the equator, beginning their plunge towards the high latitudes of the Southern Ocean.

If you’d like to see a preview of the upcoming America’s Cup, watch the results of the upcoming Steinlager Line 7 Cup in Auckland March . Magnus Holmberg, Peter Holmberg, Dean Barker, Gavin Brady, Rod Davis, Luc Pillot, Jes Gram-Hansen, and Ken Read are among the skippers taking part in this match racing regatta, the fourth event of the Swedish Match Grand Prix sailing tour.