Sidebar: Sharing the Cost

An owner is going to be responsible for the lion's share of the operating costs of any racing yacht. That's why he gets to keep the silver at the end of the regatta. But SW's editor at large says that he or she shouldn't have to take care of everything. Here's his proposal for how an owner and a crew can split the costs of competition and both enjoy the racing more.Owner pays for:¿ Boat, sails, and gear¿ Captain's salary (if needed)¿ Insurance and dockage¿ Regatta fees and breakage¿ Optional: Housing at regatta, food on boat when racing**Crew pays for:¿ Travel to regatta¿ Breakfast and dinner¿ Foul weather gear (unless provided by boat)¿ Off to pay for or make lunches¿ Treat owner to dinner¿ Buy owner season's end thank you gift, such as binoculars.