Scorched by the Ghost Pepper

With no breeze for racing, Team Spaceman Spiff went to a free hot-sauce tasting. Big mistake.

Sailing World


--Nick Turney

It was an exciting Day 3! Well, not so much. Today started off with no breeze and an AP ashore. After giving us updates every half hour, at 1 p.m. our PRO decided to call it for the day. With a gradient breeze from the north and a high-pressure system moving in from the southwest, the conflicting systems made for a very glassy body of water.

What to do on Key West for the rest of the day? Team _Spaceman Spif_f headed to Peppers of Key West for a free hot-sauce tasting. Now, after burning my lips off after sampling the hottest sauce in the world, made from the ghost pepper, I find myself back at the team house, trying to tame the flames.

The forecast for tomorrow looks a lot better, but we'll still see light air. The PRO moved the start time up one hour in an effort to run three races and get us back on schedule. I hope that's what happens. I can't take another day of hot sauce.

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