Sailing World's Regional College Rankings

From Sailing World's coaches panel including Mike Callahan (Georgetown), Ken Legler (Tufts), and Mike Segerblom (USC).

Rankings are based upon teams' performances within their district for the 2006 spring season. The number of teams ranked is determined by doubling the district's allocation for the 2006 Coed North Americans and adding two.MAISA COED1. Hobart/WmSmith2. Georgetown3. St. Mary's4. Kings Point5. NY Maritime6. Navy7. Washington College8. Old Dominion9. Pennsylvania10. HamptonMCSA COED1. Minnesota2. Wisconsin3. Michigan4. Notre Dame5. Miami (Ohio)6. NorthwesternAlso receiving votes: Ohio UnivNEISA COED1. Harvard2. Boston College3. Yale4. Brown5. Tufts6. Dartmouth7. Connecticut College8. Rhode Island9. Roger Williams10. MITNWICSA COED1. Washington2. Portland State3. Oregon4. Western WashingtonAlso receiving votes: Lewis & ClarkPCCSC COED1. USC2. Stanford3. UC Irvine4. Hawaii5. UC Santa Barbara6. UC San DiegoAlso receiving votes: UC BerkeleySAISA COED1. South Florida2. Charleston3. Eckerd4. Florida5. Tennessee6. North Carolina StateAlso receiving votes: Rollins, ClemsonSEISA COED1. South Alabama2. Texas A&M Galveston3. Texas4. KansasMAISA WOMEN1. Navy2. Georgetown3. St. Mary's4. Hobart/Wm. Smith5. Old Dominion6. Columbia7. Fordham8. NY Maritime9. Queen's10. Kings PointMCSA WOMEN1. Michigan2. Wisconsin3. Minnesota4. Notre Dame5. Northwestern6. Miami (Ohio)Also receiving votes: St. Thomas (Minn.)NEISA WOMEN1. Yale2. Dartmouth3. Harvard4. Boston College5. Tufts6. MIT7. Connecticut College8. Brown9. Roger Williams10. Rhode IslandNWICSA WOMEN1. Washington2. Western Washington3. Oregon4. Lewis & ClarkPCCSC WOMEN1. Stanford2. Hawaii3. UC Santa Barbara4. UC Irvine5. USC6. UC BerkeleyAlso receiving votes: UCLASAISA WOMEN1. Charleston2. South Florida3. Eckerd4. Florida5. GeorgiaSEISA WOMEN1. Texas2. Texas A&M Galveston3. Texas A&M4. Oklahoma