Rochester Yacht Club

One Wednesday Night in America: Taking the time to teach younger or inexperienced crew members makes racing fun for everyone.

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Rochester Yacht Club

Charlie Siragusa

I sailed on the 43-foot Nobody's Business, the second largest boat at the Rochester YC. This Wednesday night was especially thrilling for me. Usually any kids sailing on Nobody's Business are assigned to raise the main sail and take down the spinnaker. However, this Wednesday, since we were a little short on crew, I got to grind the spinnaker halyard up to full hoist. In fact, I was the primary grinder. As the youngest crewmember, it was an honor to have this responsibility.

The most nerve-wracking part of the race on Wednesday was the start, after the first whistle was blown. It was so impressive to watch the sailboats maneuver to get good position to begin the race. Once the race began everyone on Nobody's Business was busy working as a team to accomplish our goal—to win.

I learned a lot about teamwork that Wednesday. Most of the sailors on board are very experienced and have been working together for a long time. It is so incredible that they take the time to teach young, inexperienced sailors like me how to sail.

We finished in last place but everybody on board Nobody's Business had a great time. I was so pumped up for the next Wednesday night.