Port America’s Cup Opens For Business

News brief

March 29, 2007


Acm 2007

Last week, the Spanish government’s Consorcio Valencia officially handed over Port America’s Cup for the 2007 competition, which begins with Louis Vuitton Act 13 on April 3. The symbolic act marks the end of construction work that began in Valencia in 2004. Representatives of the three levels of government that constitute Consorcio Valencia 2007, along with the CEO of the 32nd America’s Cup, Michel Bonnefous, toured the Port from a race official’s boat. The Minister of Public Administration, Jordi Sevilla, the Education, Culture and Sports Councilor, Alejandro Font de Mora, and the Mayoress of Valencia, Rita Barbera, toured the venue, beginning from the North Marina, along the canal, through the entrance to the Port, and finishing at the Superyacht Pier at the center of Port America’s Cup. At the end of the Superyacht Pier, the officials cut a symbolic ribbon. Speaking at the new Press Conference Room beside the Media Center, Michel Bonnefous said, “Today is very special. Valencia and Spain have fulfilled their commitment and we now have three marinas, 12 team bases, an International Broadcast Centre, a Media Centre, along with the AC Park, and a landmark building – the Veles e Vents. It is all very impressive and today I invite the world to come to Valencia and enjoy it with us.” At over 900 000 square metres, Port America’s Cup is the greatest “sailing stadium” in the world. The 12 team bases line the perimeter of the inner harbour, divided by the Superyacht Pier and the impressive Veles e Vents building towers over the Port. Lining both sides of the Canal are AC Park North and AC Park South with public entertainment areas, restaurants, bars, cafes and exhibitions. Close to the sea entrance of the canal is the Port America’s Cup Marina, offering 636 berths for yachts up to 30 metres.


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