One Month, One Million Visitors to Port America's Cup

News brief, 5/3/07

Since April 1, more than a million people have visited Port America's Cup. At a few minutes after 11:00 on Thursday morning, Carolina Baixauli became visitor 1 million when she passed through the turnstile at Port America's Cup. The Valencia native was delighted to learn that she was visitor 1 million. She received a commemorative certificate and will have the chance to go out and watch the racing from one of the regatta organization boats. "It seems unreal to be so close to the America's Cup," said Baixauli. "It is the first time we have come and I'm very happy to be here. My kids are going to enjoy it very much." Since the first Louis Vuitton Act in Valencia, average daily attendance has been climbing steadily, from about 17,000 in the first events in 2004 and 2005 to over 35,000 per day during Louis Vuitton Act 13 in early April of this year. A record daily attendance of over 68,000 was recorded on May 1. Throughout the course of the entire event, over 2.5 million people have visited the various venues during racing periods. Counting racing and non-racing periods, approximately 4.5 million people have come to visit the 32nd America's Cup since 2004.