Groupama Wins Dramatic In-Port Race at Lisbon

Nearing the end of a race that will span a total of eight months, French skipper Franck Cammas' team solidify their lead with a victory at Lisbon. Close behind was overall third-place boat PUMA, and overall second-place boat Telefonica had a rough race that put them in last.

Victory of the 2011-2012 Volvo Ocean Race could still fall into the hands of several teams, even with just two in-port races and less than two full legs remaining. Now more than ever, every point counts. Groupama, the current leaders, cinched a first-place spot at the Oeiras In-Port Race in Lisbon, Portugal. Groupama is led by skipper Franck Cammas, who, if he can maintain and extend his current 8 point lead over Telefonica, could become only the second Frenchman to ever win the Volvo Ocean Race. Although Telefonica suffered from a tough last-place finish in Lisbon, they are still currently in second place overall. In a close third is American team PUMA, skippered by Ken Read, who fought hard to win the second-place spot in Lisbon despite a rough start. With Leg 8 underway, no one is locked into their current position. Even CAMPER, currently in 4th overall, has a shot at rising in the standings. The Lisbon In-Port Race proved so disastrous for Telefonica partially due to a penalty infraction on PUMA, and partially due to a snapped masthead halyard that sent their spinnaker swimming. Additionally, Sanya was forced to cut their spinnaker loose when it failed to unlock from the mast, and a spectator boat hindered Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing.