Fatal Accident at Bayview YC

An automobile accident at Bayview YC on Saturday night injures several sailors and results in one death.

June 7, 2010

Editor’s note: An update today, June 7, by the Detroit Free Press sheds more details into the accident.

**Fatal Accident at Bayview
It is with tremendous sorrow that we deliver this news: Last night, a car accident at Bayview YC resulted in a number of injuries and, tragically, the death of Mike Badendieck. Here’s the official report from Bayview YC spokesman Bruce Babiarz:
An accident has turned to tragedy at Bayview Yacht Club with a vehicle accident claiming a life and injuring nine people this weekend.

On Saturday at approximately 8 p.m. a 68-year-old driver from Lake Orion operated an SUV that crossed a roadway, jumped a curb and struck a group of people standing on a dock.


“We are deeply saddened by this accident that injured nine people and fatally injured a tenth person. Our first priority and thoughts are for Mike Badendieck’s family, who died from this traffic accident. Our prayers go out to all of those who were injured and their families. Our hearts and prayers go out to them and to all Bayview members. This is a family club and a close group of friends. This is a tragedy and we are all in distress,” said Commodore Bruce J. Burton

The cause of the accident is under investigation, Burton added. “What we do know is this has injured five Bayview members, four other sailors and has claimed the life of a fine sailor and friend. It is a terrible loss and we are in mourning.”

Ambulances and law enforcement were immediately dispatched Saturday night. Seven people were taken to St. John Hospital in Detroit and two were transported to Detroit Receiving Hospital.


All but two of the nine injured have been treated and released from the hospitals. The hospitalized include a male with a broken pelvis and a female with fractures to her back. The other less serious injuries included broken, foot, ribs, knee and scrapes and cuts. As of Sunday afternoon two people remained hospitalized, everyone else has been treated and released.

On Sunday morning around 9 a.m. a person was reported missing from the previous night. The U.S. Coast Guard and the Detroit Police Department were notified. The Coast Guard dispatched a search and rescue crew and a search of the area where the accident occurred commenced. Around 12:15 the Coast Guard Crew discovered a body, that was later identified as Mike Badendieck, in 10-feet of water.

Mr. Badendieck resided in Ferndale and he was 44 years of age. He was a long-time sailor and well respected in the sailing community._


June 7

Update: The latest news update from the _Detroit Free Press_.


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