Dancing Bear Transpac Report No. 2: A Going Concern

What a difference two days makes

Forty-eight hours ago, we were picking our way past Catalina and through the Channel Islands, sniffing out each patch of wind and alternating between sailing in light and fluky winds and drifting helplessly on a flat, oily sea. All that changed when a solid west-northwesterly breeze finally filled in at a steady 12 to 20 knots, and Dancing Bear--and the 13 other Transpac Cal 40s--finally became a going concern. It's been bouncy, quick sailing on starboard tack ever since. Like every other boat on the course, we're sprinting for the ridge of high pressure where the wind will finally clock aft, we'll hoist a spinnaker, and the fun will finally begin. But that long-anticipated moment is still a good day away, at least. For the full story, please click here.