Coast Guard, Air Force, Team Up to Aid Delivery Crew

/Alcyone/’s Distress Call Brings Ship, Para-Rescue Team

A combined Coast Guard and Air force rescue operation began Monday, August 12 when Alcyone, a Hinckley 42 believed to be returning from Hawaii after racing in the Pacific Cup, made a distress call when two of the five-person crew fell ill with "severe intestinal distress." Coast Guard District 11, based in Alameda, Calif., using the AMVER (Automated Mutual-assistance Vessel Rescue) system, tasked an 800-foot cargo ship, Automobile Ace to the scene. At 5:30 Monday afternoon, Automobile Ace arrived at Alcyone's location and removed Paul Myers, 56, and John McGuire, 67. John McGuire is listed on the Pacific Cup website ( as being the captain and navigator of race entry Alcyone.

Once the two men were transferred, Automobile Ace began steaming toward a rendezvous with the Coast Guard Cutter Steadfast. The Coast Guard then dispatched an Air Force para-rescue team C-130 from Kirkland Air Force Base, N.M., to assist in stabilizing the condition of the patients. The three-person para-rescue team arrived over Automobile Ace at 3:30 Tuesday afternoon, jumped into the water from the aircraft, and boarded the cargo vessel. Subsequent to the retrieval of the para-rescue team and not associated with that operation, a crewmember of the U.S.-flagged Automobile Ace fell overboard and was killed. The name of the crewmember has not been released.

As of Thursday afternoon, sources at the Coast Guard District 11 headquarters ( report that both crewmembers of Alcyone are being treated at the Stanford University medical center outside San Francisco.