Alinghi Helm Hangs in the Balance

News brief

February 20, 2007


Ivo Rovira / Alinghi

Although Ed Baird defeated fellow Alinghi skipper Peter Holmberg in both rounds of the UBS Dubai Defender Trials, syndicate head Ernesto Bertarelli and team skipper Brad Butterworth remain undecided as to which skipper will drive SUI100 when Louis Vuitton Act 13 begins in Valencia on April 3. “The racing has been very, very close,” said Butterworth. “For us it is a tough decision and this time it has been too close to call, plus we are really keen to keep this healthy in-house competition going when we get back to Valencia.”Baird and his crew won Round 1 on a 3-all tie-breaker and they also went on to win Round 2, which concluded last weekend in Dubai. The syndicate now moves back to Valencia to test SUI 100.For more Alinghi news, click here.


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