Musto Speed Challenge

Musto hunts for the world's fastest sailors using their new Speed Challenge app.

Musto has launched their new Speed Challenge App as a part of a competition aimed at finding the fastest sailors on the water, around the globe. The app, available for both iOS and Android, tracks your boatspeed and compares it to a rolling board of leaders. Prizes are awarded intermittently, and at the completion of the challenge on August 30th.
From the challenge website:
Do you love the thrill of a humming boat on a screaming downwind leg? Would you rather be skimming across the water than working out the perfect angle to the mark? The MUSTO Speed Challenge is for you. Compete in the virtual speed regatta for incredible prizes. We are on the hunt for the fastest dinghy sailors. Track your highest speeds and see how you measure up against sailors across the UK. There is a handicap adjusted Overall Speed Wall, which all prizes are awarded against, a non-adjusted Speed Wall, and individual Speed Walls for each boat class. See which ones you can top.

courtesy of Musto Clothing
courtesy of Musto Clothing