July/August 2009



Island of Opportunity
The lure of Bitter End YC's annual Pro-Am Regatta is simple: If you can't beat the pros, you might as well join 'em.
by Stuart Streuli

What a Fiasco
San Francisco's annual season opener brings utter chaos to the Bay, but there is a bit of order to the disorder.
By Michelle Slade, Photos by Mark Lyons and Erik Simonson

Sailing Capital Shootout
The Sperry Top-Sider NOOD brings out the best in one-design sailing, and the Annapolis stop was purely homogenous affair.
Photos by Tim Wilkes and Jeremiah Tamanga-Darr

Tech Review

Tech Review
Faster, Easier sail trim? The powered winch package developed for th King 40 Soozal is delivering on both counts.

Sail Tech
Dobbs Davis has the latest thinking on adding offshore sails to your inshore inventory.

Tech News
New class-legal Harken Laser blocks, and updated kit from Atlantic WeatherGear.

From The Experts

Andy Horton gies us the winning moves needed to come out on top of our next tacking duel.

When the sea breese fights the gradient, someone's going to win out; Stuart Walker explains how not to get hung out to dry.

Luffing rights have changed under the new rules, Dick Rose explains.

Grand Prix

The (not quite) Mellow Dude
Has Time out of the AMerica's Cup spotlight tempered Dennis Connor's passion? Not at all.

Sugar Daddy, Gunboat 66


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