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2009 Boat of the Year Awards
Here's what our judges have to say about the almighty King 40, SW's top Boat of the Year and the four other standouts.
By Tony Bessinger, Photos by Walter Cooper

No Ordinary Racetrack
Strong winds and tides, heavy commercial traffic, and a storied sailing culture make San Francisco Bay a difficult and ultimately rewarding place to sail.
Story and PHotos by Abner Kingman

The Village Vanguard
For 15 years, college sailors have flocked to the Vanguard 15 for their graduate studies in small-boat sailing
by Michael Lovett, photos by Allen Clark

Tech Review

Rigging Technology
Hall Spars unveils its adjustable, turnbuckle-free rigging for racing boats, and jumps into the carbon rigging game.

Sonic masthead wind gear may make cup-and-vane anemometers a thing of the past.

Tech News
Ronstan's take on the boom tent, plus METS award winners and new gear from Garmin and B&G

From the Experts

Great risk can bring about great reward. But to win consistently, says Morgan Reeser, a more conservative approach is required

Sailing success is like mountaineering, says Andrew Campbell. Pick your peak, then focus all your energy on climbing it.

Dick Rose offers a closer look at the new rules for room at a mark.

Grand Prix

The Long Haul
Terry Hutchinson and Quantum Racing take the Med by storm.

Vincitore, Southern Cross 52


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