J8 Launched from Holland Jachtbouw in Zaandam

There is a new J Class on the scene, Topaz was launched in June and could be the fastest J yet.

Holland Jachtbuw

J8 has launched recently from Holland Jachtbouw's shipyard in Zaandam, on the outskirts of Amsterdam. Now known by her official name, Topaz, this Hoek design has been built with a reduced wetted surface and higher keel aspect ratio to the longest waterline length yet to be seen in a J.

Topaz is now undergoing commissioning sea trials with the project teams from HJB and Cornelsen and Partners, the project managers, as well as the naval architects from the Hoek office. This latest exciting launch brings the J Class Association's fleet to 8 boats on the water.

As the J Class is set to race in Bermuda in 2017, the regatta is drawing quite a bit of attention, and with good reason, it will be the first time a fleet of 8 Js will have sailed since 1934.

Dykstra Naval Architects and Holland Jachtbouw have also released designs for another J Class, Yankee, in hopes of building the fleet even more in the coming years.