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Constant Motion

The onboard perspective highlights the essence of distance racing: a boat that never stops moving, a canvas that is always changing, and a crew that keeps pushing.

Photo Essay by Amory Ross

Standoff at the Border

Shunned by the Ensenada Race, one sailor decided to create his own event. He had no inkling it would become so popular.

By Tom Leweck

Latin Rascal Takes Center Stage

Does vincenzo Onorato have what it takes to negotiate a fair protocal for the Americ'as CCup and then win it as well" We'll find out.

by Angus Phillips

Tech Review


The latest go-fast electronics are allowing sailors to analyze their performance down to the smallest detail.

New Boat

Volvo victor Juan Kouyoumdjian teams up with Beneteau for a fresh entry into the 30-foot crossover category.

From the Experts


Tack or Cross? Terry Hutchinson explains how to answer the question, whether it's posed by yourself or the competition.


Greg Fisher helps you find that elusive "point gear."


Some holes are created by a lack okf wind, others by pakcs of boats. Steve Hunt steers you clear of the latter.


All competitors have rights. Some are obvious, otheres more obscure. Dick Rose points out the most essential.


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Starting Line

Jobson Report

Inside Story

Gaining Bearing

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