In this Issue: May 2012

Take your racing offshore with a faster sail inventory and Isler's coastal playbook.

April 10, 2012
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Sailing World

Sailing World May 2012

On the Cover: Rives Potts’ McCurdy & Rhodes 48-footer Carina completes its tour of iconic ocean races with a golden passage from Sydney, Australia to Hobart. Daniel Forster/rolex

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Sweet Misery
What torments one sailor during a character-building race to Key West ultimately makes him want it more.
By Stuart Streuli

Spliced Passages
Two twenty-something sailors and their mates connect three iconic offshore races and thousands of bluewater miles between.
By Walker Potts and Rives Sutherland


Tech Review:
Offshore Gear
Some offshore races now require a safety knife be worn by each crewmember; here’s our guide to what may be your most basic safety tool.

From the Experts:
Get down the track faster with the right offshore sail inventory.

Winner’s Debrief
Boat captain Brendan Darrer shares the secrets of Rán’s distance-racing supremacy.


Peter Isler delivers the strategic essentials from his coastal-race playbook.

The racing rules rarely come into play in distance races, but there are still plenty to play by.

Editor’s Letter
Sailors’ Forum
Starting Line
Jobson Report
Ask Dr. Crash


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