In This Issue: June 2011

One Thursday Night in America and a new American short-handed ocean sailor. Check it all out in this issue.

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One Thursday Night in America

Our second annual snapshot of sailing takes us around the country to enjoy the highs, lows, and boundless camaraderie of weeknight racing.
Edited by Stuart Streuli

Sweet As Ray

Off the water, Emirates Team New Zealand tactician Ray Davies is the most unassuming of athletic superstars. On the water, however, he knows just what to do to put opponents in their place.
By Keith Taylor, Photos by Chris Cameron

The Great Circle Route

To go where few Americans ever get to, Ryan Breymaier took a non-traditional path, which come to think of it, makes perfect sense.
by Angus Phillips

Tech Review

Pre-Season Prep Work
Ever wonder how the champions do it? Four top teams tell us how they tackle their worklists.

Gear Box

New Gear
We review new shades from Revo, a near-perfect watch from Gill, and one way to strat your watch feeling fresh.

From the Experts

Don't like the taste of dirty air? Andy Horton shows you how to escape when a trailing opponent puts on the cover downwind.

Crowded mark roundings offer no shortage of passing opportunities, says Steve Hunt.

Being a great coach doesn't require being a better sailor than your studends. Dr. Gavin Dagley explains.

The mark-room questions keep coming. Fortunately, so do Dick Rose's answers.

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