Infinity 46R

The younger sibling of the new Farr designed Infinity 53 is set to launch in time to debut for the RORC Transat.

The Infiniti 46 was designed to meet the requirements of many owners, namely a high performance sailing yacht that can compete offshore and inshore but without an army of crew. Designed to be sailed by a crew of six and take part in the offshore and coastal classic events such as the Rolex Sydney to Hobart, Rolex Newport to Bermuda Race and transatlantic races; this design delivers extraordinary performance for a yacht of its size.

The Infiniti 46 will be lighter, lower drag and will sail upwind with lower heel angles than any yachts of similar size thanks to the DSS (dynamic stability systems). When reaching at speed the DSS effects will be most pronounced, reducing heel angle to less than ten degrees.

The biggest difference will be pure speed. While weight reduction plays a role in the increased performance, much like the new IMOCA 60s, the real benefit comes from the lifting hydrofoil technology. The foils will generate lift, allowing the 46R to ride higher in the water, reducing wetted surface and decreasing drag.

The 46R is currently under construction, and it set to launch in time to debut in the RORC Transatlantic Race this November.

Check out photos from the build and stay up to date with the latest updates on the Inifniti Yachts Facebook page, here.

The 46R is designed to be a smaller more versatile version of the 53, able to be crewed by just 6.Infiniti Yachts
The 46R sports several appendages, all designed to work together to maximize stability and performance.Infiniti Yachts