Timeless Expertise: Dave Perry’s Winning in One-Designs

Once upon a time, this magazine published a regular column by a hot 20-something one-design sailor named Dave Perry. For several years, "Winning In One-Designs: was the most popular thing we published, covering a variety of topics ranging from "Tactics in Windshifts: and "Heavy-Air Madness," to "Inner Sailing" and "There is No Lee Bow Effect." Today, those collected columns exist in book form, now in its third edition and republished with updated rules reverences by Perry in collaboration with US SAILING.

Perry’s humor and insight will be as appreciated by crews as by skippers: "¿it’s damned hard to be a crew. You have to be a contortionist, a psychic, and a glutton for verbal abuse, not to mention flawless." If Winning In One-Designs isn’t on your bookshelf and you’ve had any bad starts, any brain fades, or any cases of the slows this season, it should be.