Go-Fast Tips for the Laser Radial

1. All US Sailing Junior events using supplied Radial sails will use Mark VI Radial sails. This sail needs a bit more mainsheet tension than the Mark V sail, and less cunningham. You should be two-blocking the Mark VI main as soon as you're fully hiked.2. Spectra traveler lines need break in time to get rid of initial stretch. As soon as you get your boat, install your traveler and pull it as tight as you can. Regularly pull more traveler tension, and as soon as you have sailed a full beat with a new traveler line, it should be all set.3. New boats come with new line, and new line hurts. Take two passes over your mainsheet with 600-grit sandpaper. Wear gloves while sailing.4. Mark your mainsheet where the boom is 90-degrees to the boat's centerline. Letting your sail out too far on the run is deadly slow.5. Train for conditions you least expect.¿Dave Kirkpatrick, Vanguard Sailboats