Helly Hansen NOOD Regatta San Diego SIs Amendment No. 1

SI Amendments regarding Rules, Marks, and Schedule of Races

March 17, 2016


Sailing Instruction Amendment 1

1. RULES Please add the following: 1.5. If there is a conflict between the Notice of Race (NOR) and these Sailing Instructions (SIs), the SIs will take precedence. This changes RRS 63.7.

11. MARKS Please add the following: Course B – Outside - Original top mark will be a red Helly Hansen tetrahedron with red cone(s) as the leeward mark(s), yellow pyramids for change marks.

8. SCHEDULE OF RACES Please delete SI 8 and replace with the following: It is the intent of the Organizing Authority and the Race Committee to run as many races as practical on each day of racing up to a maximum of ten races for the event. The first warning signal is scheduled for 1230 on Friday; and for 1130 on Saturday and Sunday. No initial Warning Signal for a class on Course A or Course B will be made after 1430 on Sunday, March 20th. For Course C no Initial Warning Signal for a class will be made after 1400 on Sunday, March 20th.

Sue Reilly Race Committee Coordinator for the NOOD Regattas March 17, 2016