Harken V Blocks

Harken's new-generation blocks go lighter, faster, stronger.

Harken's latest block offering equal parts tech sculpture and practicality. Titanium roller bearings in titanium races are smooth under load. Maintenance is simplified as well.Courtesy Harken

While touring Harken’s bustling factory in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, in June we spotted a small crate immaculately packed with gleaming new blocks. The blocks, with injection-molded red-and-black sideplates were nestled like jewels in foam packaging. Come to find out they were the first finished outbound batch of Harken’s new V block series, which they say is the company’s “highest performing, most efficient block” they’ve ever produced. They’re bound for AC and grand-prix boats, but they’re good for your one-design or crossover, too.

The carbon sideplates (also available in anodized aluminum) are 3D molded and the races are titanium holding captive titanium roller bearings. By “combining the axial and thrust loads into a single bearing set of angled titanium rollers,” says Harken, they’ve reduced the number of components in the block to reduce weight and simplify disassembly for inspection and maintenance. They are available in four sizes with maximum working loads of 1,500, 3,000, 5,000 and 6,500 kgf.