Where Have all the Aigles Gone?

I have personally sported the Aigle Maramu Lace Up Boot since my freshman year of college. Now, dark rumors that the line has been discontinued have combined with "sold out" availabilities in my size everywhere I look online to create a perfect storm of terror. With my own boots desperately in need of replacement, I'm almost willing to ship myself to France to find a new pair.

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Where Have all the Aigles Gone?


If you are a college sailor, chances are that you're familiar with the Aigle Maramu Lace Up Boot even if you don't own a pair. Although they are catered toward dinghy sailing, these versatile booties can also be used in buoy racing too, with non-marking and non-skid soles. Much stiffer than neoprene booties, I would not recommend skiff sailing or doing any kind of trapeizing in them, but other than that they have been the perfect shoe in both summer and collegiate sailing.

White and navy blue with highlights of red, their old-school looks (and the fact that the top sailors on my team sailed in them) were enough to win my heart when I was an impressionable freshman. Their durability and refusal to pick up odors like neoprene boots do have kept me loyal over the years, and now it's hard to imagine wearing anything else. Last year, I replaced the original laces with a thin shock cord, which has not only saved me precious time in the morning but also ensures that no one else will accidentally grab my boots. Unfortunately, the years have taken a toll and now there's another way to distinguish my booties from those of the masses.

While I know many sailors who have had their Aigles for 10 years without an issue, I tend to destroy gear pretty quickly and my booties have not escaped the wear and tear. They haven't been waterproof in months, since the tops finally split open where the hiking strap hits my foot. Although getting my feet wet is inescapable and inconsequential with the wet launches of the summer months, once the cold starts to settle in I know that I'll want to keep my toes dry as much as possible. It's time for a new pair of these rubber wonders.

So here is my question to you. Where do I get a new pair? I've been told that Aigle has discontinued the line in the U.S. I've also been told that Aigle has discontinued the line in France. Both of these assertions are disturbing, and I can only hope that they're unfounded rumors. Has Aigle simply put the manufacturing of Maramu Lace Up Boots on hold? If so, when will they start again?