Waterproof Backpack by Ocean Racing

Ocean Racing's waterproof backpack will keep your laptop dry, even when you get wet.

Waterproof Backpack

Ocean Racing

Ocean Racing, Inc has just introduced a waterproof backpack ($150) to their line of sailing gear. It's an excellent bit of kit with a large main compartment that opens with a coated zipper. It features a removable, neoprene envelope, cushioned and big enough for a laptop, that slides into an inside pocket made of the same waterproof fabric as the outside. Even with a laptop inside, the main compartment has plenty of room for foulies, boots, and a fleece. There are two waterproof outside pockets, one on the side for a handheld VHF, cell phone, and car keys perhaps, and the other, in the middle, big enough for shoes with room left over. Mesh pockets outside will be good for wet gloves, etc. www.oceanracing.com