Thermo Dry Suit by Magic Marine

"Gear Up" from our October 23, 2006, /SW eNewsletter/

October 27, 2006

Thermo Dry Suit

Magic Marine’s Thermo Dry Suit ($460) is designed for those really cold days when a regular dry suit just isn’t enough. It’s made from 3-mm neoprene and has Metalite neck, wrist, and ankle seals; more comfortable than the latex seals found on many dry suits. It has a waterproof zipper located on the front-so there’s no need to have a friend help you dress-and internal elastic shoulder straps. The seat is covered with Powertex fabric for added durability. Kinda makes you look forward to getting the Laser out on those snowy sailing days we all know are coming this winter…

Magic Marine is distributed in North America by Vanguard Sailboats.


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