Salt I Knife by Spyderco

This rustproof, locking blade knife just may be a good luck charm, too. "Gear Up" from our August 28, 2007, /SW eNewsletter/

August 27, 2007



I’ve been waiting in vain for disaster to strike. For the entire summer sailing season, I’ve been carrying around Spyderco’s Salt I, a rustproof, locking blade knife with serrations so sharp they seem to growl for the opportunity to saw through something, say a dock line fouled in the propellor or an anchor line wrapped around my foot.But no such calamities have befallen me; I’ve had no opportunity for knife wielding heroics. Nothing but smooth sailing, I’m sorry to report. I should be thankful, I know. But can’t a guy get a little adventure? At least for the sake of a product test?While waiting for my good luck to turn, I made some practice cuts with the Salt I. Piece of old rope? No problem. Block of cheddar cheese? Easy. I even used the knife to whittle myself a walking stick. Clearly, the Salt I cuts just fine.But does it rust in saltwater? Spyderco claims the knife to be impervious to corrosion. Its blade is made of H-1 steel, an alloy composed with nitrogen instead of carbon, the element that reacts with chlorine in the oxidization process. So I dunked the Salt I in Narragansett Bay and tossed it in my gear bag to fester. When I checked on the knife a week later, I detected no rust, despite the rings of salt encrusting the blade. I continued the abuse all summer. Still no rust.In addition to its capable blade and corrosion resistance, the Salt I has a few other features that come in handy on a sailboat. On this model, Spyderco has increased the diameter of its patented Round Hole to allow users to open the knife with one hand, even if that hand is covered in a sailing glove. The Volcano Grip handle makes the Salt I easy to hold, and the neon yellow coloring makes it easy to spot in the dark recesses of your bag. A pocket clip allows you to carry the knife securely and discretely, and the hole in the pocket clip screw lets you attach your own lanyard.The Salt I only weighs 2 ounces, so there’s no reason you can’t carry it at all times on the water. I never thought I needed a knife for racing. And if my experience with the Salt I is any indication, having one in my pocket may be the best way to ensure I’ll never need it. $85.95,


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