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Liferaft and Survival looks to slow down a leak in a major breach. From "Tech News" in our October 2008 issue

March 17, 2009

Liferaft and Survival patch 368

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Life Raft Survival and Equipment has created a new product called the LRSE Collision Pad. It’s the brainchild of LRSE’s Josh Trout, who recognized that there’s nothing on the market that would slow down water ingress due to a major breach in the hull.

“There are many items that people carry aboard their boats that are extremely effective at slowing down leaks, like wooden plugs for when a seacock falls out,” says Trout. “As it stands now there is nothing to be used when there is major damage to the hull, or if a deck hatch is ripped out. The collision pad is designed to be rapidly and easily put into place to slow down incoming water so that there’s less water to pump out. Too often rudder posts fall out or a vessel strikes a container at sea and the boat’s lost due to the fact that water is coming in at such a rapid rate. “This is a major advance for mariners to help assist them in saving their boat,” says Trout.

The collision pad is made of pliable, two-ply waterproof material with 12 webbing loops. If a vessel strikes a partially submerged object that creates a large hole, the collision pad can be deployed underneath the boat. Attaching lines to the soft webbing loops and running the pad to where the damage is located while cinching the lines down on deck will create a temporary barrier. Water pressure pushes the pad into the breach, enabling the crew to pump out water more efficiently.


According to Trout, “A ten-inch hole six inches below the water line can let in 2,235 gallons of water per minute. That is close to 18,000 pounds of water sloshing around inside your boat. The crew needs to be able to slow down the leak and pump fast.” $1,400, with storage bag,

****| |Pulse Tech Solar Panel|

When you leave your boat alone for extended periods of time, especially if it sits on a mooring, you worry about battery power. Bilge pumps, dehumidifiers, and other automated systems can suck your batteries dry, and leave you with no protection against leaks or rain intrusion. PulseTech Products now offers an easy way to keep your batteries topped off using solar panels. Before you throw your hands up in the air, as many who’ve used solar panels in the past are wont to do, these aren’t large, bulky, delicate panels that barely worked. These are small, inexpensive solar panels that, according to PulseTech, are nearly half the size of other 5-Watt panels, offer more installation options, are waterproof, and are virtually indestructible. When installed permanently, SolarPulse panels not only provide clean, quiet energy, but also apply patented “Pulse Technology” to the battery to help remove sulfation from battery plates (the main reason behind battery failure) and inhibit additional sulfates from building up again so batteries will stay strong all the time. With clean plates, batteries will recharge faster, accept a deeper and more complete charge and release more stored energy.


The 2-watt and 5-watt models include 17 feet of wire between circuit box and solar panel, and are, according to PulseTech, easily installed. The 2-watt SP-2 is $99.95 and the 5-watt SP-5 is $179.95.

****| |ProTecht’s water-resistant housing puts the XM Radio receiver on deck.| Are you tired of going below to change the stations on your XM satellite radio receiver? If so, check out the latest from ProTechT, which Allows XM subscribers to leave their portable XM2go radio receiver on deck. The ProTechT XM Marine Kit consists of a water-resistant marine housing, a heavy-duty, adjustable mounting bracket that secures the housing and stainless steel mounting hardware, a compact, all-weather XM marine antenna, with a 25-foot cable that allows for placement flexibility (as well as multiple mounting options), and a 3.5mm audio cable that allows you to connect your XM radio directly to your boat’s stereo system via an audio/auxiliary input port (if equipped). The ProTechT is controlled with a waterproof, floating remote control that works with your radio when docked inside the housing. The XM radio’s full display remains visible through the front window allowing you to see the channel, artist, and song title information. $179.99,

****| |**Peltech marine’s humidifier will take the dampest mini-maxi and make it dry as a bone. **|


Dehumidifiers are key to keeping your boat and gear dry between races, but they can be bulky and awkward. They also perform only one function: ridding the boat of moisture. Peltech Marine has a new product that not only dehumidifies, but can also heat or cool your boat.

The Dream is a high-tech dehumidification/cooling/heating unit suitable for cabins up to 300 cubic feet. There are no moving mechanical parts, which ensure little if any servicing, and quiet operation. Environmentally friendly, the unit doesn’t use a compressor or coolant gas. Energy-efficient, it works by exchanging the heat that emanates from the dehumidifying process to eliminate dampness and heat or cool the air. At 8.3” x 29.6” x 7.1” the Dream is available with four installation configurations. It can be mounted vertically, horizontally or in a hidden space under a bunk, in a locker or behind a bulkhead. Working at 100-percent, the Dream consumes 450 watts, and is offered in 12- and 24-volt versions. An AC power supply unit is optional. $3,990,

From August 1, 2008, Danish sailmaker Elvstrom Sobstad has been re-named as Elvstrøm Sails, the original name of the company started by Olympic Veteran Paul Elvstrøm in 1954. The re-naming of the company follows the completion of the acquisition in Europe between Elvstrøm Sails and U.S. company Sobstad in 2002. Since then, the company has used the joint name of Elvstrom Sobstad. Current dealers and agents throughout Europe will change to the new branding including a fresh look new logo, with all sail products carrying the name and logo


Edson Marine’s Diamond Series aluminum racing wheels have been standard-issue production-boat wheels for more than a decade, but engineers at the New Bedford, Mass.-based marine equipment manufacturer decided it was time to update the style with a sexy six-spoke design called the Edson Double Black Diamond. Edson says the redesigned spoke arrangement makes the wheel “lighter and more elegant.” It is black powder-coated and is currently available in 48” (1,220 mm) diameter, but more sizes are due out soon. You can check out these new wheels at the fall and winter boat shows.

-Tony Bessinger


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