Regatta Master Watch by Gill

This waterproof timepiece is optimized for racing, and battery replacement is a snap.



As a self-admitted watch geek, I'm always on the lookout for new wrist candy that works well on the racecourse. The latest watch I've found, the Regatta Master by Gill, has all the features one could ever need both on and off the racecourse.Mounted on a rubber strap, the Regatta Master is waterproof to 100 feet and has an electro-luminescent backlight for nighttime use. Large digital numbers stand out on the watch's light green face. For racing, there's a countdown feature with multiple settings, a count up timer for figuring deltas at marks and finishes, a digital compass, and a rotating bezel. For day-to-day and travel, the Regatta Master features a calendar, an alarm, and a dual-time setting.Like many watch geeks, I have a drawer full of old watches waiting to be taken to the repair shop to have new batteries installed. Most waterproof watches incorporate some type of seal that necessitates professional expertise when replacing batteries. The Regatta Master suffers no such drawback. To replace the battery, use a coin or screwdriver to open the battery compartment, put in a new battery, and close the compartment. Once re-sealed, the watch is completely waterproof. The Regatta Master is slated for arrival in stores in the United States in May, and will retail for $140.

"Gear Up" from our April 24, 2007, /SW eNewsletter/