One-Handle-Does-It-All Boat Care System by Shurhold

Go from deck brush to boat hook to paddle and never change handles.

Sailing World


The One-Handle-Does-It-All system (clockwise from top left): paddle, telescoping handle, 6-inch soft brush, boat hook, "Water Sprite" mop.Shurhold

Whether you're the type who likes nothing more than to spend a day cleaning the boat, or you'd rather just get it over and done with, Shurhold Industries has a cleaning system that can help you do the job better and faster. And, no, this is not an infomercial. I'm just that impressed with the One-Handle-Does-It-All system. There's nothing revolutionary about the idea—start with a telescoping handle, add your choice of interchangeable attachments—but the quality of the craftsmanship and the variety of the attachments make this a system you'll come to appreciate.

The system I tested includes a handle that telescopes from 43 to 72 inches, with soft brush, Water Sprite mop, boat hook, and Water Blade attachments. Among the other 40 available attachments, there are brushes, mops, brooms, squeegees, fishing accessories, even a paddle. Fixed-length handles start at $7, telescoping options at $30, and attachments at $15, so you can mix and match at will, and you don't need to get bent out of shape about replacing the pieces you lose.

The telescoping handle accesses hard-to-reach spaces, and it's sturdy. You can lean into it to gain mechanical advantage when scrubbing. The SHUR-LOK quick release system shows quality in the details: the spring-loaded nubbins wont pinch your fingers, and a red stripe on the inner surface of attachments takes the guesswork out of lining up the hole. With its soft, ShamWow-style spindles, the Water Sprite mop is very absorbent, but I honestly never found a good use for it. Maybe that's because there's no way to wring it out without getting your hands dirty. But the soft-bristle brush is a workhorse; it's rigid enough to dig the dirt out of nonskid, but gentle enough not to scratch gelcoat or paint. The Water Blade is great for windshields, or for squeezing water off smooth surfaces. The boat hook and paddle attachments are no-brainers. That's the appeal of the Shurhold system; even if you just use the deck brush, the paddle, and the boat hook, you've already saved a bunch of storage space, and you've upgraded to the nicest deck brush, paddle, and boat hook you'll ever own.