Jacob Sandals by Flojos

From California, the land of flip-flops, comes a pair of sandals sure to deliver blister-free bliss.

Sailing World


Flojos' Jacob sandal is a memory-foam mattress for your feet.www.flojos.com

Flip-flops are like baseball gloves: you never really know what you're dealing with until you break them in. And while there are many ways to season a baseball glove—smear it with linseed oil, wrap it in rubber bands, set it down in the driveway and ask Dad to back over it with the family station wagon—there's only one way to break in a pair of flops: wear them to a weeklong regatta, and don't take them off until your blisters stop hurting.

I showed up at Key West Race Week with a new pair of Flojos' Jacob sandals, a pocketfull of Band-Aids, and, because I'm a wimp, a pair of spare flip-flops. Flojos touts its Jacob sandal as the memory-foam mattress for your feet, describing the "plush, cushioned" footbed and wide-knit toe-strap, and as I strolled the streets of Key West, the Jacobs chauffeured me around in absolute comfort.

I've grown accustomed to developing blisters where the toe straps chafe against the top of my feet, but after that first day with the Flojos, my feet weren't tender in the least. I've also come to expect that, after a few days, even the cushiest of flip-flop footbeds will squash down to the thickness of a penny, leaving me with sore heels and the desire to flag down a pedicab. No so with Flojos. After a week of hard work pounding the pavement in Florida, the Jacob sandals didn't even leave a mark. The Band-Aids stayed in my pocket, and my spare pair never made it out of the suitcase.

Available in navy/gray and beige/green. $35, www.flojos.com