Get a Grip: Wot-tac Tactical Aid

Use the Wot-tac Tactical Aid to take a true-wind bearing before the start, lock in the dial, and let the device help you with your angles all race long. Gear review from our July/August 2011 issue.

Wot-tac Tactical Aid


Onboard the J/24 Crack of Noon, we once used what we called “the tool,” one of those handy devices with dials and color schemes to help quickly figure out the starting line bias. This is always a challenge for those of us who are severely mathematically challenged.

Electronic compasses that compute line bias have done away with the need for such a device, but for dinghy or digital-free classes, the Wottac is a great new offering in the “tool” department. The Tactical Aid is a rigid plastic device with easy-to-read numbers and visible, color-coded graphics for determining bias and jibe angles. The dampening of the miniature compass leaves a lot to be desired, but works in a pinch.