Get a Grip: Ronstan’s Trapeze-Wire Grip

Leave the surgical tubing to the doctors; Ronstan's new trapeze-wire grip will look and feel better. Gear Review from our July/August 2011 issue.

August 12, 2011
Sailing World

Ronstan Trapeze-Wire Grip


“Have you always felt there must be a better solution to those ugly pieces of hose over the trapeze wires to protect your hands?” asks Ronstan’s Alan Prussia, a San Francisco Bay sailor and small-boat aficionado. Apparently, he has, and his company has an answer. The RF5122R-2 is a disc-style trapeze handle with integrated soft rubber handgrip. According to Prussia, two-time 29er world champ Steven Thomas has tested it thoroughly, and gives it the thumbs up. “They’re clean and comfortable, easy to hold, and easy to see,” says Thomas. “They also sit over the cleat nicely and don’t fly up.”

Originally developed for use with Dyneema trapeze lines, Prussia says it’s suitable for wire, too. The swaged ferrule on a 2.5-milimeter wire will recess into the disc.

$36.95 (pair)


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