Frostbiter Gloves by Harken

On cold days, these gloves will keep feeling in your fingers, even when your hands get wet. "Gear Up" from our March 27, 2007, /SW eNewsletter/.



Spring may be on its way, but here in Newport, R.I., the water's still 38 degrees and what we do on our Lasers every Sunday is still called frostbiting for good reason. I tried a pair of Harken Frostbiter Gloves ($40) during last weekend's racing and found them comfortable and warm even after I got them wet messing with the bailer on the way out to the start. They feature pseudo-leather-called Black Magic by Harken-that wraps around the palms and fingers so there's no seam digging into your skin and provides good grip and abrasion resistance; the back is 1.5-mm neoprene and there is fleece between the fingers. Another plus: rubber and Velcro closures on the inside of the wrist were out of the way of my watch. With the gloves on, I lost very little dexterity-I made a point of wearing them as I undid all the strings at the end of the day-and the grip was good. I've yet to try them on one of those days when you come in with ice on the sheets but I'll be wearing them next Sunday.For more, click here.