Deckvest by Spinlock

With its new Deckvest, Spinlock improves upon its successful Deck Pro harness/lifejacket with a more ergonomic design and refined auto-inflation technology. "Gear Up" from our January 15, 2007 /SW eNewsletter/


We've been talking about, and using, Spinlock's Deck Pro harness/lifejacket for a year now, and have been very happy with it. With the Deck Pro, the synergy between Spinlock and mountain climbing equipment manufacturer Petzl resulted in a great piece of gear. Now, after examining three years worth of input from pro and amateur racers who've been using the Deck Pro, Spinlock and Petzl have come up with a smaller, sleeker, and more ergonomic version, the Deckvest. Deckvest features include an interlocking bladder design that prevents channeling of water to the face, auto-inflation technology designed to prevent accidental inflation in heavy weather, a spray hood, reflective strips on the shoulders, thigh straps, a soft, neoprene neck collar, and a lightweight tether attachment point, a webbing loop the company claims is stronger and lighter than steel. The Deckvest opens in the front and can be donned like a jacket, or by pulling it over your head. Either way, it's simple and easy to put on. The Petzl DoubleBack buckle allows for rapid closure and easy adjustments. Spinlock's entire Deckware line is designed with one basic premise: if a harness/lifejacket is comfortable and easy to put on, you'll wear it all the time.The Deckvest was introduced at the London Boat Shows early this January, priced at £199, which works out to be around $390, U.S.