CoCo Cap by SailFast

How do you improve on the time-tested beanie hat? Add coconuts, of course.

October 19, 2011
Sailing World


SailFast’s CoCo cap has wicking material on the blue side and fleece on the other, so it’ll keep you comfortable in a wider range of cold-weather conditions. SailFast

Fall has arrived in the northern latitudes, and I don’t think I need to tell you to wear a hat. Your mom took care of that. But if you’re in need of a hat, here’s a great one for racing: the CoCo cap by SailFast, a Connecticut-based apparel company that donates 10 percent of profits to the fight against Leukemia, Lymphoma, and other blood cancers.

This reversible beanie has fleece on one side and a polymer blend on the other. Both sides incorporate Cocona fabric, which is made from mashed coconut shells and boasts excellent moisture-wicking and sun-protection properties. If the conditions are warm enough that your head’s going to sweat, wear the poly blend on the inside to wick away the moisture. If the conditions are colder, or wetter, wear the fleece on the inside. The poly blend has enough water resistance to keep your hair dry in all but the wettest scenarios, and even when water does soak through the outer layer, the fleece provides enough insulation to keep your head warm.

The CoCo cap has a subtle look, with a SailFast swirl logo on the blue, poly blend side and a script logo on the black, fleece side. One size fits all, but I have a large head, and the fit is a bit snug for my taste. But that’s just me. You may prefer the prophylactic look.




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