Dinghies of Dr. Crash

Doctor Crash is back with the best flips, flops and crashes of small boats and some tips on how to wipeout like the pros.

Dr. Crash shares the top to tips for wiping out like the pros.

1. Always keep business in the front and wipeouts in the back.ThMartinez/Sea&Co.
2. The more windward heel downwind the better!NEISA

Rolex Miami Olympic classes regatta January 2011 - Copyright Ingrid Abery. www.ingridabery.com

3. Tandem wipeouts always look better.Ingrid Abery
4. Don't forget to put the bow down!Tomasmoyaphoto
5. Always make sure the photographer is nearby to get the shot.Rob Migliaccio
6. Go for the double whammy by flipping right onto the mark.Martina Barnetova
7. If sailing isn't working out, try surfing instead.ThMartinez/Sea&Co.
8. If conditions get too windy, consider a reef in the kite to slow down quickly.Paul Todd
9. As always, if you must wipeout, do it in style.Jesus Renedo