Cowes Week 2015

The Solent continues to be busy with racing as the 2015 Cowes Week follows up the America's Cup World Series.

The second day of Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week delivered perfect conditions, with bright sun and decent winds. A west-south westerly breeze built gradually through the day to give gusts approaching 20 knots by early afternoon. With 30-degree wind shifts at times, accompanied by big gusts and lulls, there was plenty to challenge competitors.

For competitors in the early starts on the two fixed lines a strong west-going tide made it imperative not to start early. This was accentuated for White Group dayboats starting on the Royal Yacht Squadron line, as the outer distance mark, Aberdeen Alpha, was two boat lengths on the course side of the line.

To read the full story, visit the race website, here.

August 8 - Saturday HighlightsGetty Images
August 8 - Saturday HighlightsRick Tomilson
August 8 - J/80 fleet startRick Tomlinson
August 8 - Saturday HighlightsRick Tomlinson
SAFFIER NITRO, IRC Class 3Rick Tomilson
August 9 - Sunday HighlightsGetty Images
INVICTUS, IRC class 0Getty Imgages
TONNERRE 4, IRC Class 0Rick Tomilson
MISS U, TILT, IRC Class 2Rick Tomilson
*EXCELLE, WORKOUT, PARTISAN, *Sigma 33Rick Tomilson