About Tim Zimmermann

Tim Zimmermann, a freelance writer, cruises and races on the Chesapeake Bay. He has also sailed all over the Atlantic, the Med, and the Caribbean, and is prone to depression if his ass isn't getting wet on a regular basis. His Wetass Chronicles covers anything and everything fun, fast, or exciting in the world of sailing.

July 9, 2012
Sailing World


Tim lives in Washington, DC, and learned to sail exploring Buzzards Bay and the Northeast with his grandfather. He has cruised a Bristol 35.5, and raced J22s and Lasers. His current boat is a Beneteau 36.7, and when he is not messing around on the water he is a Correspondent for Outside magazine, mostly writing about the oceans and marine mammals. You can follow his work at, and follow him on Twitter via @wetass.

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